The start of "The Rolling Gallery"

Home! A '78 Mercedes with a terrace on the roof!

Some things are just meant to be. With me the chance meeting with an amazing American in Zurich changed my life. He was a biologist who had given up his job to become a one-man band ("The Professor World Band") to bring "Peace Waves" into the world. He was travelling the world and playing to all who would listen. This way of life, the unconventional style of travelling from place to place was just what I had been looking for. I put my job on hold and set off throughout Europe. I learned to play mandolin and guitar and soon expanded "The Professor World Band" with vocals and bucket bass.

The "Professor World Band" in action.

During these travels I realized:


First: I really liked to be on the road.

Second: I enjoyed meeting a wide range of different people who were usually really friendly.

Third: To be able to make people happy, to touch them in this special way was so rewarding.

Fourth: It was possible to earn enough as a street artist to live from day to day.

And that's how "The Rolling Galley" was born!



"Hugo" the first Rolling Gallery!

I needed my own van and bought "Hugo" a blue VW 1984 and was soon cozy and comfortable in my new home.

As I had to live from the first day from my painting I had to learn fast what people would buy. My paintings and the way to sell them would change as the journey progressed.






"The Rolling Gallery" part 1

With Katja on the road

The first two weeks my friend Katja was with me and gave me great support. After that I was on my own.



Lindau, Germany

In Lindau on Lake Constance I exhibited for the first time and even sold something!

Above: Györ, Hungary Below: Zurich, Switzerland

My biggest problem was how do I get people in the pedestrian zones to visit my special gallery? One day I had the idea of "Quote Of The Day". I had a lot of small, initially handwritten, notes in a box and I offered these to passers by. I was surprised just how often a personal interview or an in-depth gallery tour took place as a result.

After three years traveling throughout Europe and having sold many pictures, maps and posters, having seen many happy faces and having experienced a wide range interesting encounters I was happy, a very positive feeling. Most importantly I had achieved my goal to live through my art.



"The Rolling Gallery" part 2

The Rolling Gallery online shop: The online sale of my art. Starting now!