During one of my exhibitions in Konstanz, Germany, I met the editor of Harrass. He introduced me to the Swiss author Hans-Peter Gansner. Hans-Peter Gansner was looking for an illustrator for his latest work. He liked my sketches, we began working together.

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Exhibition at IPRM in Davos 1999

My lecturer in semiconductor electronics at the ETH Zurich, Professor Hans Melchior, knew of my artistic excursionsand one day he mentioned that he was preparing for the "Indium Phosphate and Related Marterials Conference" (IPRM 1999), which was to be held in Davos.

He obviously liked the work I did and asked me to exhibit a range of the images I had created in a prominent area of the exhibition hall. As this area was for meetings and for people to take breaks there were a lot opportunities for the work to be admired and many were sold.

Production of photodiodes: For the production of photodiodes, the semiconductor material is structured using photolithography. The unmasked area is then removed or material such as gold is applied. Thus arise the "valleys and mountains", and the photodiode structure. Production control is done under a microscope.