I do love painting.  

As a child I painted all the time. In school I found that I also loved math and so I became an engineer knowing that painting could still be a hobby.

Throughout my studies I always painted: In the morning on the train (as long as I didn't fall asleep), in coffee shops, where I observed the other customers at the end of the hectic days to help me relax after my lessons.

Once qualified I started work in a small company but it didn't take long for me to realize that something was missing. There was very little color in my life.


Read the part of my travels here.


After three years of travelling around I decided it was time to return to work as an engineer. I sold my bus and rented a small apartment. At first I worked in product management for a company manufacturing equipment to make solar panels, later I moved into sales in a computer sciences services firm.


Since my son was born in the year 2010, I do spend most of my time with him. But in the evening, when he sleeps, I start painting again.


Have fun!